Oil Absorbing Sheets ( Blotting Paper ) Do they really work?


My combination skin is victim to uncontrollable oil production (aka I look so oily by the end of the day, that I look like I’ve done a full work out?!) . The areas that are most problematic are the T zone including nose, forehead and chin.  I’ve tried various techniques from non-oil primers and pore-filling primers to fixing sprays and non-oily foundations, but nothing works better than blotting paper.

My brother and I use to continuously imitate and take the mick out of my mum for using blotting papers when we were young……. Naive Ellen- little did I know it would be a revelation for me. I use the blotting papers after a long day where oil starts to accumulate, breaking down foundation and powders -leaving behind a shiny residue (ew).

Just gently pat onto oily areas, targeting around the nose and chin. The papers absorb excess oil while leave behind a trace of translucent mattifying powder.

I’ve tried a fair few blotting papers and hands down the best go to the “Superdrug Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers”, they absorb ALL the oil.


Boots Skin Clear oil absorbing sheets (Left) Superdrug Deep Action mattifying shine control papers (Right)

Now, the boots own brand blotting papers are not comparable to the Superdrug ones, I wouldn’t even categorise them as the same product. Not only are the boots ones more expensive, they do not absorb the amount of oil the superdrug ones do.

What’s more the boots papers do not leave behind a trace of translucent mattifying power – for some this may be a better option for you if you don’t like the idea of the translucent powder?

Truthfully, the boots own brand (Skin Clear) oil-absorbing sheets are front-runners in packaging. The sheets are individually loose in the wallet like packaging which allows for quick and easy access when you are in a rush!

BOOTS SKIN CLEAR, Oil absorbing sheets-  £3.99


  • Affordable price- £3.99
  • Good packaging
  • No scent


  • The sheets may all fall out at once if you aren’t careful
  • They don’t really work for me? – Honestly I wouldn’t recommend these 😦
  • Not easy to get a hold of- The product has been discontinued from the boots website so these are only available in store.
  • You can’t see the oil on the papers
  • 50 sheets per pack


SUPERDRUG DEEP ACTION, Mattifying Shine Control Papers-£2.69, click here to buy them.


  • Cheap- £2.69 for a pack, Superdrug often have promotions such as buy 1 get 1 free / buy one get one half price – which is always a bonus
  • They work?! – they are true to the product claims and do give an “instant matte finish” and “absorb excess oil”.
  • Small and compact, easily fits into a makeup bag
  • You can see the oil left on the papers- it sounds gross but it helps you to see which areas are the oiliest/ if you need to use more.
  • No scent
  • 65 sheets per pack


  • You have to rip the papers out carefully – they easily tear.


Thought I would keep this review short and sweet! If you’ve tried any good blotting papers please let me know 🙂

19 thoughts on “Oil Absorbing Sheets ( Blotting Paper ) Do they really work?

  1. Mimi @ Lush Fro says:

    I was skeptic of blotting papers when a friend told to try one of hers because my skin gets really oily and ruins my makeup but they actually worked. I don’t really buy them anymore because I use a lot and it doesn’t solve the main problem so I’m on the lookout for a good primer instead.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. micheylou96 says:

    I’ve been meaning to try the Superdrug one for ages and this has helped me to make me get a move on with it😂 I have combi skin too and it’s so frustrating, so hopefully these will help me! Great post xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • simplyellen says:

      I prefer the Superdrug ones personally! I’ve tried the NXY ones but they are relatively similar to the Boots ones 😦 . Let me know what you think of the superdrug ones when you try them ❤️


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