Homeware obsession/ February 2017 haul (Rose gold, marble, pink and tropical prints)


Thought I would post something different and tell you about my current obsession with homeware.

These last few months have been a continuous hunt for anything and everything marble, rose gold and baby pink. Also PLANTS? Do not ask me why this craze has occurred but it has…….and I can’t get enough of it. From cacti to notebooks, I’m on a homeware hunt to find the perfect decor!



I spotted a set of 3 white marble chests at my local TKMaxx in a range of sizes and quickly snapped up the smallest size for my room. Safe to say I am in love! It’s compact enough to fit into my room without being overwhelmingly large that it looks out of place. It’s reasonably priced at £19.99. I checked the TKMaxx website earlier and it’s still available (click here).


I found a set of 3 marble candles with rose gold writing at my local ‘Home Bargains’. Although the cheesy writing isn’t my cup of tea, I still love the marble and rose gold combination! They are ridiculously cheap at £1.99 (yes only £1.99?!) for a set of 3.


Another candle from Home Bargains was this pretty marble candle with a metal rose gold lid. Priced at £2.99 it is perfect for those on a budget. Even the lady at the checkout commented how nice it smelt and asked whether there was any left as she wanted one!


As I’ve previously mentioned I’ve failed to find an affordable marble notebook anywhere. When searching I found this gold palm leaf notebook from TKMaxx for £4.99. The notebook is hardback with blank lined paper,  (I can use it for anything yay). The cover is straight up my alley with foiled palm leaves. Did I mention my obsession for tropical prints?


Are you even a student if you don’t own sticky notes? No matter how many sticky notes I buy, I always seem to lose them! So, I found this set of pink marble sticky notes for £4 from TKMaxx. The different sizes are extremely convenient, with the ‘Don’t Forget’ and plain marble notes being my favourite out of the collection.


I was originally on the hunt for thin white fairy lights; however these geometric copper lights caught my eye in The Range (click here). There is something aesthetically pleasing about geometric lights , so much that I had to pick them up!

I picked up these marble cardboard trays from TKMaxx for £2.99 (bargain?). The pink marble/ foil is everything I could ever want all in one form! If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve become addicted to storage at the moment. From acrylic draws to wooden creates!


I ordered this Copper wire pencil holder (£1.50) from the Wilkinson’s website after seeing it in store and regretting not purchasing it! They have a whole copper range to match the pencil holder, including file organisers and desk organisers.

My Little Wish List:

I recently spotted a beautiful white marble notebook from Urban Outfitters but restrained myself from purchasing it as the £13 price tag was out of my budget (for just a blank A5 notebook). I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for a reasonably priced marble notebook (hardback) but am unsuccessful…… if anyone has seen any please let me know! I am dying to get my hands on one!


Ohhdear Marble Notebook (click here) £13

‘Ohhdear’ s has become one of my favourite websites, from beautiful notebooks to humorous sticky notes to cute fabric cacti, it has certainly caught my eye.

Whilst browsing on the Wilko website I came across this amazing copper geometric light for only £12! (click here)6


Has anyone got any recommendations for anything marble, rose gold or baby pink (or even tropical)?? Leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram (simply.ellen_) !

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