Social Media Retreat

Hello everyone!

It’s Ellen here. I didn’t realize that I had a lot of influencer friends that still wanted to connect with me till this day. In addition to that, I’ve been in the public eye since I was a very little kid and doing a lot of community service work out there in the real world. I guess for my first post, I’d like to answer your guys questions on why I decided to do a social media retreat. At first, the idea came to my mind when I decided to unfollow and leave all of my toxic friends and people that I didn’t care for. Then, when life suddenly unexpectedly happens I decided to disconnect from every single thing which means everything online and in my personal life. I was at a rough spot in my life and dealing with a heart break that lead me to my mental health problems and it doesn’t matter whether or not I had mild depression or not. But that lead me into a career break through moment for me when I got the chance to work for the kitchen at my local medical center and had another opportunity seeing what a geropsychiatric unit and what resulted into my decision to continue to work with people with mental health, family domestic abuse and violence, epidemiology, immunology, neuroscience, antibullying campaign, becoming an environmentalist and becoming a more global conscious leader for my community and working in the public eye as an essential worker during covid 19 that has impacted us around the world. I was also able to get to have a chance to work in a memory care facility at an assisted living place for the seniors with alzhiemers and dementia and dealt with a bunch of really highly severely mental health cases and got to work alongside the local ombudsman, cops, paramedics, and mostly the entire healthcare industry. Fast forward to the present, I’m now working as an essential worker (cashier) at one of my town’s local healthy fast food restaurant industry and got to see really more exciting things. This is what I enjoy doing anyway (being in the public service). That pretty much sums up the social media retreat from when I was 19 years old until present day. If there’s anything else you guys want to know more about me just let me know in the comment section below. Also, here’s a video of what I did during my social media retreat!

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