Breaking the Silence?

Hello everyone!

My name is Ellen Le. Today I am listing every single reason why I am back on social media and why I left social media to begin with. To be honest, I don’t remember what year it was that I left social media for good but I believe it was maybe around 2018 when I discovered about my mental health problems. What started my leave of social media was that I didn’t and wasn’t thinking straight at the time of my mental health problems. I was having a lot of complications and problems in my life from different gossips, drama, rumors in my personal and private life. In addition to that, I had a really terrible breakup. You’d think breakups are easier the second time but its actually not.

I’ve even had to take a break and leave from school and focus on my career life and professional life to help my further advance in my career to guarantee opportunities in my future after my educational career is done. Henceforth, my leave of absence from school. Your mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing and wellness is incredibly important too. It’s not like it’s not. I’m trying to design my social media websites curating to my specialties and fields of focus that I’m studying in and that I’m interested in to gain more experience and to begin focusing on my dissertation for my phD degree that I hope I’ll be obtain 4 years from now.

My main primary goals of starting social media again is to help me improve in my speech skills, being in front of the camera, in front of the public eye, practicing on my communication skills, connecting with my old social media influencer friends, family, the current public that I’m working with, amongst a whole list of other reasons. If you guys want to know more, just let me know in the comments section and I will let you guys know.

Why am I breaking the ice at a very early point of my youtube career? It’s because I want to make myself clear of what my limits and boundaries and what I’m willing to take or not to take. I just want to make myself clear that this is who I am, and who I am is that I am very confrontational and brutally honest to everyone. But that’s just tough love. If I didn’t care about any of my social media friends or for the public I would have never came back onto social media again. That’s just the truth. That’s the whole reason why I’m breaking the silence and the ice on various different subjects that people in my personal and professional life have asked me and I’m here to answer everything. If you guys have any questions, concerns, issues, problems or any ideas that you’d like for me to address there’s always the community forums page to answer your questions. I’m here for you guys if you need me just like I’m here for you.

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